The Company

In 2014 Filippo Pompili Ferrari, a fourth-generation oil producer, has developed an olive oil "butter" for a South American importer. With the technologist Eraldo Rossi he has decided to develop a raw material with the mechanical functionalities of a margarine and the nutritional advantages of olive oil. 

Thus, Mida Più Srl was born, specializing in noble fats with the patent for Burroliva.

The production plant, as well as the company's headquarters, is located in Ripabianca di Deruta, in the county of Perugia.


  • Creation of highly innovative products, compliant with today's industrial and artisan demands, which have the most noble of fats, olive oil as their pillar.
  • Offering a clean label and product quality.
  • Revolutionizing the food market, bringing an important benefit to the consumer culture of use, guaranteeing a healthier lifestyle.


Mida Più Srl, after years of R&D and experiments, has optimized the large-scale production process of a new vegetable solid fat mainly based on olive oil (over 80% of the fatty part), with completely unknown technological characteristics up to so far in an oil.

The innovative mechanical transformation process, carried out at low temperatures, allows to maintain unchanged all the beneficial-nutritional properties universally recognized in olive oil.


  • 1st Unicredit Start-Lab award: Mida Più was the winner in the Unicredit Start Lab competition, which awarded the best innovative Start Up of 2016 among the 898 participating Italian companies. The Commission composed of the major Italian players, including Flos, QVC, Samsung and Technogym, have declared Mida Più Srl as winner with its revolutionary Cremolì (Burroliva);
  • 1st CNA award for Best Innovative Start-Up of Umbria 2016;
  • 1st prize "CambiaMenti 2016" as the best innovative start-up in Italy in the "Made in Italy and tradition" category;
  • "Seal_of_Excellence.pdf" issued by the European Commission, as an institution that manages the Horizon 2020 funds for innovation and research;
  • POR - FESR 2014-2020. Axis I - Action 1.3.1. Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative startups with a high intensity of knowledge application and spin-off initiatives for research. This project received funds from the European Union's research and innovation program Horizon 2020, based on grant agreement No. 827826.
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