Why you should choose Burroliva



From the golden color typical of the olive oil that makes it up for more than 80% of the fat part, Burroliva is able to give fragrance and lightness to your products.

Thanks to its lower melting point (27 °) compared to common margarines, products made with Burroliva will be more digestible, leaving the mouth extremely "clean". 

The tests conducted show that the consumer can consume even 100% more of foods made with Burroliva than of those made with butter or margarine. 

How you should use Burroliva

Burroliva can be used effectively as a raw material in baking products, both savory and sweet, as a substitute of traditional fats, without altering their taste and recipe.

Thanks to its quality ingredients and its high nutritional properties, it is the ideal choice for all those who follow a healthy and balanced diet.

Thanks to the absence of cholesterol, gluten and lactose it is perfectly suitable for those with specific needs and food intolerances.

Why you should use Burroliva

Workability and performance: very high solubility, excellent workability and great ability to incorporate air into the mixes for a high-quality fragrance of the finished product.

Clean label: without palm oil, less saturated fat, without artificial preservatives and hydrogenated fats; it does not contain allergens and is cholesterol-free, also suitable for vegans.

Low impact on the environment: lower CO2 emissions compared to butter and margarine.

Below you can find some suggestions from your cookbook:
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